AFC Masters have recently gained some funding for a project on climate change. Part of that money is to be spent on a fanzine of AFC Masters and Horwich. 

We really want as many of our members to be involved in putting the fanzine together. We already have some great articles sent in from last year which we are still hoping to use but we would like some more. 

We really want someone who is good at drawing maps people can follow on a walk round town and also someone to help put together an I spy game for Horwich too. Could you help us? 

If so we are running a zoom to talk more about the fanzine on Tuesday 9th November at 5pm, Thursday 18th November at 4pm and Tuesday 23rd November at 5pm. 

Details to follow but if you, or someone you know, would be interested in taking part please get in touch 

Thanks, Iain (Club Manager)

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