👋 a reminder that at the moment, we need everyone who is in the dome as a spectator to continue to wear face coverings unless they are exempt from wearing one due to medical reasons.

Our players and coaches do not need to wear them whilst playing or on the pitch.

There is hand sanitizer upon entry to the dome and we need everyone to continue to use this upon arrival and when leaving football.

We have a strict timetable of sessions and need everyone to arrive and leave the dome when it’s their teams time to train, no sooner or later. This is really important for our risk assessments as an organisation. If you arrive early please wait outside under the coverings next to the sports hall.

Thank you for all your consideration during this time we really appreciate everyone’s efforts in keeping all our players as safe as we can.

If you have any questions or wish to speak about this in more detail please contact me on 07538275198.

Iain 😷

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